Friday, December 31, 2010

A Photograph of waterfall across Satluj River : Shot @ 200mm Zoom

I was confused weather I should post this photograph on my blog or not.... because of its bad quality, but in my opinion subject is more important, so thought of posting it here and you are welcome leave a "Dislike" comment :)

I just wanted to share that if we move on national highway 22, while crossing Satluj river, there are lot of waterfall across the river...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Water Flooded roads near Nirmand Village in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh

Since MTB Kafila was exploring all the new roads, most of the times we saw such places with lot of water on  the roads... Sometimes riders had time to have a workaround for that and sometimes they had to cross all this without much worry about their cloths or bike....

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MTB PHOTOQUEST member looking at a beautiful bridge over Satluj River on National Highway 22

During MTB Himachal 2010, we crossed National Highway 22 to move towards Nirmand... On the way, there were some beautiful iron bridges and here is the first one we encountered after hitting national highway... Jimsee is looking for the right place to shoot this bridge...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Refreshing Waterfall in Himalayan ranges of Himachal Pradesh

Dev-Bhumi Himachal Pradesh is a lovely place to enjoy nature and natural resources... Here is a Photograph of waterfall near Sarahan Village of Himachal Pradesh... Sarahan Village is situated at 3000 meters and surrounded by snow covered hills of Shrikhand Mountain Range... village has a huge ground full of greenery and water streams...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Colors of Himalayas in winters 2010

Thanks to MTB Himachal 2010 for providing this wonderful opportunity to explore many of the lovely places in Himachal Pradesh.. Here is one of the photograph clicked during our 8 days exploration in Shimla and Kullu Districts of Himachal Pradesh... I love the blue skies in hills... Clean and Refreshing...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beautiful waterfall near Sarahan Village in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh...

During my last stay in Sarahan village, we went for a small trek to the nearest mountain with snowfall and seen lot many waterfalls on the way.. Were is a photograph of one of the waterfall we saw... Colorful, refreshing and what not... 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

CHALAI : A Famous crop in cold places near Himalayan ranges in Himachal Pradesh

Here is photograph of a crop called Chalai, which is very popular in crop of himalayan ranges in Himachal Pradesh.. This crop is very colorful and have seen it in Yellows, reds and pinks... This is considered as a must of people living in high altitude areas.. It's considered as a source of warmth to the body, and thats why its popular in areas which get snowfall very frequently...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Beautiful Sarahan Village in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh (@ 3200 Height)

There was huge ground in the middle of snow covered hills ... These were Shrikhand mountains which gets most of the snowfall in this region... Shrikhand is also a famous pilgrimage which opens during July till September... This place was wonderful and I enjoyed only day stay with very passionate bike riders of MTB Himachal !!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crops of Charas @ Sarahan Village of Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh

During my recent visit to Himachal I got a chance to witness the beauty of Sarahan Village which is at 3200 meters height, but a beautyful valley surrounded by snow capped hills... During the visit I realized that lot of land is being used for Bhag crops.. Bhag is the local word used for raw charas, I guess...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow Covered Hills @ Kullu Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

Monday, December 20, 2010

Full Moon sitting on the top of snow covered Hills around Kullu Sarahan

Full Day Break on fourth day of MTB Himachal 2010 - Kullu Sarahan : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : Its been more than two weeks that we are sharing a long journey of MTB Himachal 2010... Here comes the fourth day which was rest day for all the riders... I must say that Kullu Sarahan was the best choice to spend one complete day... Check out these photographs to know how the day was spent in a valley surrounded by snow capped mountains.Here is a view of our camp in the playground of government school at Kullu Sarahan... In the morning everyone of us was amazed by seeing the beauty around this place. During last night, no one was able to guess all this except the mountains with shining snow on the top. An early morning view with full moon sitting on top of snow covered hills.... These hills were just behind our tents and it was wonderful...Snow covered hills were not the only beauty of this place... There was a huge ground in the bottom of these hills and it was huggge... Khajjiar in Chamba region of himachal was coming in my mind while I saw it... What a wonderful schooling experience... Class in open area while taking sunbath in the huge ground in the bottom of snow capped mountains of Shrikhand ranges... Here some of the children having their class in Sarahan valley...Who wanted to miss this opportunity.. One of the MTB rider inspired by the school children and started cleaning his bike in the ground behind the school... I don't think I can explain this experience in words..Buggy standing in front of the mountains with partial sunlight... Its an early morning scene when rising sun was not visible but its effect made us realize that the process has started... This was the only day I saw some enthu among folks in the camp... Some of them were singing, few of them dancing and many of them were screaming... but full on masti !!!

Who is this celebrity?

Delhi in Holiday mood - All Set for Christmas and New Year Celebrations : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : This weekend I was roaming around Connaught Place in Delhi and I had never seen such colors in CP before... Wonderful lighting, lot of crowd, loads of sale offers, Music bands, celebrities etc... Since its Christmas week, city is well prepared for the celebrations and everyone is in markets for shopping... Check out some of the photographs I clicked this weekend... Special Sales champaign has started in Connaught Place and it will continue till first week of January 2011... Till Next Year :)Navy Band performing @ Inner Circle of Connaught Place in Delhi... They had extremely talented singers and musicians...  Some celebrities were also roaming around connaught place and had some chit-chat with Navy band...Catchy eyes caught by Travelling Camera....Do not misunderstand this photograph.... he was just trying to call someone from the front row to have a photograph with them...Some folks from Navy Band....Sangeet Sandhya continued and I moved towards my Metro for Noida :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Beautiful Bridge on Satluj River near National Highway 22

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MTB Riders on highest pace in Himalayas...

MTB Riders on highest speed in the downhill stretch parallel to snow covered mountain ranges (On Third day) : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : Hope you have been enjoying this PHOTO JOURNEY through various routes of MTB Himachal 2010... Its 10th post on this great Himalayan event for passionate bike Riders... on third day, I noticed the highest speed of all the riders in a downhill stretch in parallel to snow capped mountain ranges... Check out some of the photographs of this downhill stretch across snow covered hills...First I wanted to give you a feel of the road where we were waiting to catch fast riders of MTB Himachal 2010... Road was situated on a very high hill in parallel to these mountains covered with snow... wonderful place with nice weather and beautiful surroundings...Here comes a group of riders and Cameras are not set to estimate their speed and adjust accordingly... It took time to adjust our cameras to shoot exactly what we wanted to shoot... At least I tried various things with first few riders and was able to identify right place with right settings....They were moving like anything.... Amazing actions, styles n movements...Even folks on the road were moving downwards toward the deep valley to save themselves fom these fast moving riders :) btw he is another Photographer struggling to set himself for shooting this rider...Rider number 41 ... Most of the riders knew each other by their rider numbers and it was difficult to remember the names of everyone but was very easy to know each other by rider nunber because they were sepnding most of the time on the roads crossing each other...Another rider on full speed in the middle of beautiful himalayan mountains in the state of Himachal Pradesh.... Thanks to MTB Himachal 2010...Mr. Ranjan Mandyal playing in air during MTB Himachal 2010... I got a chance to meet some great folks who have passion about bke riding and do lot of other good things in their lives... Ranjan was one of the guy I met and got a chance to understand him better... Hope to meet all of them again :)Here is another MTb rider in style... moving towards the final goal which is near Satluj river near main highway..Amcha rider from Maharshtra Police... a nice photographer as well... He was planning to host an exhibition in Kolkata and also invited us... Hope to see him next year again...Somehow I wanted to share all these photographs in black and white but it would have been unfair to the colorful beauty of surrounding himlayan mountains....Loved this journey and the colors of himalayas...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tanni Jubber Lake @ Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

Morning Photographs of MTB Himachal 2010 at Tanni Jubber Camp on Third Day : Posted by VJ SHARAMA on Hope you have already checked photographs of THIRD DAY OF MTB HIMACHAL 2010 and here are few more photographs of starting of the day... We started from Tanni Jubber in the morning and this posting have some photographs of early part of the day... Check it out..Peter... I have seen him ready before time (everyday) and used to take sunbath till the time other folks get ready for final march... Most of the folks used to get ready on time, but somehow we never started on time :)Early morning colors of Tanni Jubber Lake in Himachal Pradesh....Everyone is ready and waiting in the main ground.. Lunch and other stuff is being loaded to the trucks on the left and other folks just having sunbath in chilling winters on Himalayas...Longer shadows of Riders and their bikes in early Morning of third day @ Tanni Jubber, Himachal Pradesh..Its the beginning and show for the day has to start yet.. So keep watching this space for other adventurous moments of Third day ...

Early morning colors of Tanni Jubber Lake in Himachal Pradesh....

Monday, December 13, 2010

One of the rider helping other in fixing the tyre problem durig MTB Himachal 2010

Tanni Jubber Lake @ Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

Sunday, December 12, 2010

MTB Himachal 2010 Camp near Tanni Jubber Lake (After Second day of Hiking and Biking Session)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sunset view @ Tanni Jubber Lake in Himachal Pradesh

Photographs clicked during MTB Himachal 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jimsee: One of the participant of MTB Himachal 2010 PHOTOQUEST

Few More Photographs of Second Day of MT Himachal 2010 - Post Hiking Stretch : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : Its been more than a week that I am posting MTB Himachal 2010 photographs here and hope viewers are enjoying this journey and can imagine the fun, passion, energy of this whole event. Here I am going to share few more photographs of second day and we have just completed hiking and biking session...Jimsee in Action...She was always carrying her tripod to capture all possible shots in available time...Say Cheeze... while waiting for more rider to come, I had few more participants, who were intereted in their photographs... Ankit, while crossing the river after taking some shots from other side of the river... He is the winner of MTB Himachal 2010 PHOTOQUEST and this is the place he shot the winning photograph...A Himachali Lady in deep thoughts...A quick click while climbing up the hill through Matdhar Village...Natural Beauty on the way.. Flower and a Butterfly...Innocent child standing on one side of the road to watch the show... He found us disturbing elements on the road and wanted us to move ahead as quickly as possible... Some part of this whole stretch was amazing and we had to time to stop and click.... Evening light was amazing but it was not possible to capture it well from moving car :( ... Here are few hills near Narkanda and we were moving towards Tani Jubbar Lake.. Our final destination for second day was a huge ground near Tani Jubbar Lake... But most importantly, we got charging points there :)PHOTOQUEST Champion capturing this beauty near Narkanda...I tried to copy him :) but somehow was not able to capture it well...A view of village spread over various parts of a hill...Come on Chintu !!! This is what we said before clicking his potograph.. For bikers, it was difficult and steep climb... and the shadows of the cycle is indicating evening time of second day and a hope of completion of this day... Second day was really tiring and everyone wanted to take rest...Simply wanted to capture colors of himalayas which can't be seen anywhere else... I love this bright blue ...One of the rider draggin his cycle because of some techincal fault which needs significant time to repair... During these situations, riders were not allowed to carry their cycles in other vehicles... So everyone had to reach the destination either by riding the bike or dragging it, if required...

Jimsee in Action...

She was always carrying her tripod to capture all possible shots in available time...

Kullu Sarahan @ Himachal Pradesh

Thursday, December 9, 2010

River Crossing during second day ride of MTB Himachal 2010

Real Engineers of INDIA

First Riding stretch on second day of MTB 2010 - Shainj to Chhaila : Posted by VJ SHARMA at : Hope you have already seen photographs of Flag-Off, First Day Rides, Morning Preparations on Second Day and some glimpses of MTB Himachal 2010... Here are few Photographs of first Stretch between Shainj and Chhaila...Here are few riders who are leading the first stretch which started just after Shainj Village... Unexpectedly weather was clear on second day and everyone was happy and all the riders were excited about the Hike & Bike session after completion of first Stretch at Chhaila Turn... Here is a Photograph clicked on the way from Shainj to Chhaila... Sharing this photograph to just give an idea about the hills and roads we traversed on second day... It doesn't mean that whole stretch on second day was like this... A reflection of the walking rider.. This is clicked in the side mirror of our van which was moving towards the next halt near a Bridge next to Shainj... Actually it was a free ride from the camp-site till a Bridge(don't know the name of that place..)Bikers on lovely road surrounded by beautiful mountains in Shainj region... it was amazing place but unfortunately we couldn't afford to stop at this place... So most of the photographs have been clicked from moving car...This road was under construction and here are the hard working folks who are going to work there to make our lives easy and more comfortable... Real engineers of India !!!There were many water streams on the way and here is one silhouette  of a rider moving towards first goal without any care about various types of obstacles on the way...Here is Rider No 13 crossing the same water stream... I have lot of photographs of various riders at same spot and planning to have separate post with all those Photographs in near Future... Keep watching the same place to check out more photographs here...So finally we reached Chailla Turn and this was the destination for first stretch for second day.. Now everyone is having some snacks and juice to gear up for Hike & Bike session of 12 kilometers....One of the rider just reaching the final line of first Stretch and folks in the background are noting down the time... There were three timers to ensure that correct timings have been noted for all the riders...Here comes another rider to reach the final destination and have some rest for next stretch... During next Stretch everyone had to trek some mountains with their bikes ... It was really hard and some of them had to carry bikes weighing 21 Kgs... Their were only few bikes which had weight around 7-10 kgs and these cost more than 2 Lacs... (Please leave a comment in case this information is not correct.. coz I am not 100% sure about these figures)Here is a group of riders having some chit-chat during rest session at Chailla Turn...I think he is sad about the fact that he is leaving MTB today.. He was only for first two days which they called Environmental Ride...A part of the MTB Himachal Gang taking rest in bright sunlight which was very important on chilly hills of Himachal Pradesh...Bikes : Now its our turn... Carry us forward... Check out the same place for photographs of trekking riders by carrying their bikes on shoulders...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Second Prize in MTB Himachal PHOTOQUEST

Natural beauty of Shainj Village in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Riders doing stunts on Ridge ground in Shimla

Starting of MBT Himachal 2010 from Shimla: A Famous Bike Riding Experience in Himalayas : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : During November I published few photographs of MTB Himachal 2010 and here are few photographs of opening ceremony on Ritz (Ridge) ... In case you have missed my last post, please have a look at : Warming up sessions on Mall Road of Shimla... Its morning of 22nd October when MTB race had to starteveryone was just ensurin the cycles have been assmbled properly and they are fit to start...All participants ready for the beginning ... Race started from the christ church on Ridge Ground in Shimla... First strech was free ride which means that time will not be noted during this stretch and everyone can ride as per his/her own choice without any pressure of reaching early...One of the reporters covering the event on Ridge ground of Shimla... Rider standing on the left is Padam who has come from Nepal with a group of other riders... Padam is the winner of MTB 2008 and 2009... Unfortunately his year he got ingured and was not able to continue the race after third day... Winner of 2010 is also trained by Padam and he was very happy on final day that one of his group won the race..Here is Mr. Suresh Bhardwaj, MLA Shimla... Mr bhardwaj was invited for innogration of MTB Himachal 2010... He flagged off the race from Ridge Ground in Shimla...Madhu Sood was also present during the starting of this event.. Madhu Sood is mayor of Shimla Town...On first day everyone was excited and everyone was in clean dresses :-) There were few riders, who were there for first two days and same was the story with Photographers.. Many of the Photoquest participants came back on third and we were only four who continued the journey till end... People who came back after second day, missed lot of beautiful places/experinces of these 8 days...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shadows in Black and White

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here is another photograph of Dance Performers @ Chancery Pavilion, Banglore

Dance Performers flying in the air @ Chancery Pavilion, Banglore, Karnataka, INDIA

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dance Performance @ Chancery Pavilion, Banglore, Karnataka, INDIA

Here is a gentleman performing some slow steps in the beginning of the dance and a sweet lady in the bottom who was always smiling during her performance... 

Note that conference happened in Chancery Pavilion Hotel of Banglore...

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