Monday, May 30, 2011

Artwork created of capsule pack @ INDIA ART SUMMIT 2011

India Art Summit 2011 - A good place to find out world's best Art pieces at one place - A three days event @ Pragati Maidan, Delhi, INDIA : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : Recently INDIA ART SUMMIT happened in Delhi at Pragati Maidaan - 21st to 23rd Jan 2011 !!! It was first time I planned to visit it with some of my friends... Here are few photograph from INDIA ART SUMMIT 2011 !!! Check Out these photographs of various art forms without any details about artists who created them. Sorry to all artists because I tend to forget names...Here is the first artwork we saw just in front of entry gate... It was cycle-Rikshaw loaded with lot of metal pots on it... No one was around who had camera and we were not very comfortable while clicked few shots of this art... These pots had amazing reflection of the whole area in surroundings but we couldn't give much to time to capture it better...A close-up but not very clean... @ INDIA ART SUMMIT 2011This one was my favorite ART there... Guess what it is? If you guess it correctly that means my photograph is bad ! There were approximately 10 people standing around this table and wondering why these old newpapers are showcased here? Everyone was at the distance of 2-3 feets from this table and none was allowed to touch any of the art works... Then one of the lady asked the artist to give some information about this particular art and everyone was like WOW, how it can be a artwork of marble stone... But yes it was made up of marble stone with some printing with specific powder.... Lovely Work !!!Check out if you can notice something in this capsule pack... If not, it may be because of my blurry photograph :) Here is a wooden art @ INDIA ART SUMMIT 2011Another form o artwork which was created with threads and no machine was used in this... Apart from thread some metallic strings were also used.... This Photograph shows a very basic and small portion of a huge artwork hanging there...Mirror Art - A Mirror created of various particles in triangular shape... This mirror was created very neatly and had wonderful effects from various angles.. Most of the visitors were spending lot of time in front of these mirrors at INDIA ART SUMMIT 2011Another artwork which was rotating continuously and yes many of th artists were using some mechanical or electrical supports to add more value to their arts... and most of the support material was also designed by these artists in their own way ... Deepak experimenting of various colors of INDIA ART SUMMIT.. I think he was trying to play with depth of field to get some special effect out of the special artwork of colorful buttons and pins !!! There was gallery of arts which were created from pins and buttons of different colors.. Some of these arts had abstract shapes and few of them had some shapes which we could recognize...Gang having fun @ ART SUMMIT 2011.... Deepak looks unhappy with the results but Anchita wants to see what he clicked... Some amazing art work by Religare Art Gallery, CP, Delhi !!!Some famous personalities were roaming around to find out the best art for their houses....There were lot of foreigner Artists @ INDIA ART SUMMIT 2011He is about to stand up and have a walk at ART SUMMIT hall....Lot of Colors, Shapes and concepts @ INDIA ART SUMMIT, 2011

Here is another artwork from INDIA ART SUMMIT, which is made up of  medicines pack. It was an amazing piece of art which was created on such a small material.. Just have a look at this 2 inch medicine pack and imagine the amount of effort which would have gone for creating and fitting this couple inside it so brilliantly. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A piece of Art created with old styled old-lamps @ INDIA ART SUMMIT, Pragati Maidan, Delhi, INDIA

A Day well Spent at India Art Summit 2011 @ Pragati Maidaan, New Delhi, INDIA - 22nd Jan 2011 : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : Recently India Art Summit 2011 was happening in Pragati Maidaan of Delhi and some of my friends planned to have a visit on weekend to explore what all happens in this summit.. Finally we went there on saturday(22nd Jan 2011) and reached at Pragati Maidaan Metro at 11:40 am... After reaching at the entry gate, we saw a huge line and the end was not even visible to us.. The line was for entry and there was another smaller version for getting tickets... Finally I also reached the counter and asked for three tickets and the person managing that counter asked for 600 rs... I realized that I am short of money and asked one of friend to give 300 rs.. After getting tickets, we also followed the queue and entered into the hall where ART SUMMIT was going... Here are few photographs I could click inside the summit area... Check out !!!Here is a metal art showcased by one of the French artist !!! Are you able to see the art? Its the one is main focus, please see the bottom part of this photograph ;) A gold plated spherical structure surrounded by multi-layered shapes which are made up of brass.... There were some other interesting art works showcased here... I have lot of photographs of these metal artworks and will try to share more in future.... There were lot of artists and visitors from various parts of the world... Here is a lady waiting for other friends to come and go inside to see the fabulous work by different artists !!! I clicked this photograph very quickly with some zoom and wanted to have another photograph of her baby but couldn't :(  She caught me... She was standing inside the Art Summit hall and was talking to someone... I wanted to have her side face with some of the paintings hanging on the right wall... Suddenly she turned and I was not able to compose a good shot... Still I acted like I am shooting something else and after having 2-3 shots moved ahead...India Art Summit is very famous among the high class society of Delhi and many celebrities come here to see the wonderful work & buy something for them.... There were lot of metal arts in INDIA ART SUMMIT and man of them were from other parts of the world...  When we just entered into the main hall & started looking at the arts, we were not very impressed and one of friend even thought of becoming an artist because he thought it's easier that Software Development :) As we spent more time and talked to various people around, we got to know that how much hard work and thoughts go in creating a single art... Here is an artwork with a face having lots of other elements and a hidden face... A lady standing there was explaining about this art and there were lot many folks listening... We were not able to make out much out of that talk and thought of moving ahead... but this one was one of the popular artwork in the summit (A general guess by looking at the crowd, because in Delhi wherever you see crowd is known as a popular place, especially any eating place...)I liked these hanging lamps... I went to my childhood when I saw these first time at my Grand Parent's place and after that I couldn't find them anywhere... There was a huge Art project based on lighting and these lamps hanging around..Another Metal Art !!!Don't know much about this particular artwork but looked like something made up of stone... but not sure, so no comments !! But I liked it !!! It was placed in the middle of a painting gallery..This was an amazing work and this was the place where everyone was spending more time as compared to other stalls... We saw lot of mirror arts in ART SUMMIT and all of them were amazing... This was a mirror created of various triangular pieces... As you go closed to the mirror, the partition size seemed to decrease and moving backward it was increasing... By the reflection inside the mirror is mine with Camera...Again the same art with few more elements in the photograph for better composition !!!Here is gang... I asked them to stand there to have a photograph as a proof that they visited ART SUMMIT... I was expecting them to click one of mine photograph as well but none of them offered :)Mr Ankit Sood on the left - A student of Delhi College of ART, Deepak Gupta - who is going have long hairs soon and planning to exhibit his artwork soon... Anchita Dogra will support Deepak in the beginning and will move on with her own choice of art soon !!! After a good day at INDIA ART SUMMIT we went to Shri Ram Center to have lunch because it was very costly inside Pragati Maidaan :) btw Ankit took us there to have some silli potatoes and no one liked them :)

This year when I visited India Art Summit at Paragati Maidaan, I actually witnessed the creativity of folks who can create magical stuff from daily use things.. People had created wall painting created of colorful buttons and paper pins, Table show pieces created of medicins, mrable newspapers, a wondeful artwork of Cycle-Rikshaw and metal pots.. And here one of the artist was showing a huge wall decorated with oil lamps. India Art Summit was very popular and there were huge lines for getting ticket to go inside and see these beautiful Art Pieces.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Famous Comic character Chacha Chowdhary @ First Indian Comic Con 2011 at Dilli Haat - For 2 Days - 19th & 20th Feb

Guess these Comic characters @ First Indian Comic con 2011 - Dilli Haat : Posted VJ SHARMA  on : This year India had it's first Comic Con at Dilli Haat(in New Delhi, INDIA) for two days (19th and 20th Feb, 2011) and I also planned on second day of it !!! There were lot of things there in Comic-Con but I liked the part where lot of folks were roaming in special dress-ups of various Comic Characters !!! Check out some of the Comic Characters who were roaming on second day of Comic Con 2011 !!! Guess their Comic-names?It was like a fair for various publishing houses, including various known publications like Amar Chtra katha, Diamond Comics, Level 10, Manta Ray, Kshitij Telang, Vimanika and much more new publications who are coming with various new comic Characters !!! The very first Comic Con happened on the weekend for 2 days and there were lot of people with their children.. Even I saw many senior folks who were going to each stall to know about their ideas around comical charters andstories... There were many innovators who had some unique story-lines for upcoming comics !!! Many comic artists were conducting some workshops and there were lot of Animation companies showcasing their work... There were several workshops, interactive sessions, interviews and speeches by various comic book artists, Animation Experts, Comic-Artists and writers. A few animation and multi-media productions had set up their stalls as well and also conducted seminars about animation design, creation and future of animation industry in India !!!There were several comic fans, both adults and children. Chacha Chowdhary, Spiderman, krishna, Wolverine : On 20th Feb 2011, Uncle Pai who is a renowned educationalist and creator of Indian comics was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award by Cartoonist Pran, one of the most successful Indian cartoonists, best known as the creator of Chacha ChaudharyWhile we were enjoying this evening at comic con, rain started and whole crowd in that crowd settled under those stalls at dilli haat !!! It started around 3:45 pm and conditions were worse towards 5:00 pm... I only spent 2 Hrs in this event and I missed little kids who were well dressed but went back home due to rains :(I was really amazed to see lot of new comic publications with various new ideas for upcoming projects ! One of them was about comics which tell indian history or educate about basic details about Indian society & cultural values... It was great to see such stalls and this one was one of the crowded stall of comic con !! I think people realize that we are somehow loosing our basic values to get westernize... So Now, its your turn to guess these characters and I am sure it would be very easy for you guess at least three characters out here !!! So just leave a comment with names of characters you recognize !!!

In Feb 2011, India hosted its first Comic Con at Dilli haat, Delhi and next year (2012), it's planned in  Mumbai (Bombay)... During the first comic Con lot of comic characters were roaming around Dilli Haat and my Travelling Camera also caught Chacha Chowdhary !!!

Apart from Chacha Chowdhary, there were lot many other comic characters were roaming around... Check out to see more photographs of this event.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A noisy photograph of Live Band @ Lake Village Resort in Naukuchiataal, Uttrakhand, INDIA

Lake Village Resort in Naukuchiataal - A Wonderful place in Uttrakhand State of India : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : Recently I visited Naukuchiataal with my office friends and we spend a nice weekend there to celebrate our year end release !!! It was wonderful stay at Lake  Village Resorts which is situated on main side of the lake... It is situated in the main market of Naukuchiataal and Lake is just across the road.. Lake village resort is a beautiful place to stay and here are few photographs which I clicked during this trip... Check Out !!!We reached at the resort at 7:00 am on saturday and it was very cold out there... This resort is just below a hill and sunlight reaches here around 9:30 am.. Till then its a courageous event to get out of your bed and have a walk outside :) Immediately after reaching there, we ordered some tea and went for a quick sleep... The photograph above is showing the rooms of this resort...There were three categories of rooms  and these were given to all the bachelors, so you can understand the category :)Of course, young blood needs swimming pool and it was near to their rooms, but empty :)  So most of us spent enough time in the lawn you see in front of these rooms ... Here is a night shot of dining area in Lake Village Resort... Their main restaurant is just just after the main entry to the resort... It has nice seating place for 25 folks at a time with 4-seater round tables... Before going their we decided our menu and most of us liked the food there... Surroundings of this restaurant are very well decorated with various plants and flowers... Whole area inside Lake Village Resort at Naukuchiataal has lot of green plants and flowers... I remember those days when I started photography and used to follow flowers... Flowers were my only subjest during those days and most of the times I got good results (in my opinion :) ) ... It started from my Mukteshwar trip where we stayed in a resort with rich flora around... don't remember the name now...Resort host nice arrangements during the evenings... Although it was chilling evening there but bonfire and other arrangements made us comfortable to spend some time together in a common area... Here is a photograph of live band performing in the evening... Sorry for this bad pick but I was not in a position to place my camera somewhere and tripod was not with me ...A flower pot which can be seen near all the stairs.. These were installed everywhere inside the resort with  some experiments in shape.... This resort has a nursery in the back side where lot fields with of flowers and vegetables...Swimming pool was empty and the pillars around it were showing some incompleteness.. All the engineers in our group were giving some theories about this and no one was convinced with other, which is a common trait of engineers :) ... Moreover, design of these poles was not matching with other designs used in their rooms or cottages...Every room had two balconies with lot of flower pots around it.. I don't have anything specific to mention about staff but want to thank to the guide who took us to morning-walk on second day.. We went uphill to see few local villages, farmers plowing the fields and ladies feeding their cattle... First we climbed a hill, then moved down towards the lake and had a half round around it...Overall we enjoyed the trip and stay at Lake Village Resort... They organized boating and kayaking for our group on first day and some of us also enjoyed para-gliding at a near by place ...

I was just looking through some old photographs and liked this particular photograph which was clicked during our office trip to Naukuchiataal last year. During the evening there was a music band performing at the place where everyone was near bon-fire. This band was enough to ignite the musical sense of some folks and they were also singing along. btw, there were some very talented folks in our group who knew singing, guitar and many other musical instruments... We stayed in Lake Village resort and they had planned this for us.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Couple enjoying weekend at Banerghatta Zoo, which is a part of Banerghatta National Park in Banglore, Karnataka, INDIA

Last year, I visited Banerghatta National Park and there is a zoo near to it... This zoo seemed a good place for people in Banglore to have Picnic. Here is a senior couple sitting inside Banerghatta Zoo.. Just notice the stuff lying around them. It seems uncle is fan of Cricket and like playing it :); I am sure you will be surprised to hear Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary at one place... Yes, Banerghatta National Park has a Zoo as well... When I planned for Baneghatta National Park, I was not aware of the fact that it has Zoo as well... After Reaching the ticket counter, I saw a board saying discounted ticket for Wildlife Safari inside the sanctuary and Zoo visit... Banglore Zoo has lot of snakes and most of the crowd is seen around those to figure out where they(snakes) are sitting... Here are few Photographs I was able to click during a quick visit to Banerghatta Zoo... Check out !!!Don't know the name of this bird.. so please do let know in case you know... They were very shy as you can see from the expression in this photograph and there were lot many other birds with various combinations of colors... I had few more photographs of this bird but all were shaky because of lot of movement there... These birds were most active inside the zoo.... Others like snakes, crocodiles, leopards, ducks were really lazy and we couldn't figure out the cause... Even Monkeys were not very active which is a very unusual thing..There were lot many crocodiles inside Banerghatta Zoo and that I saw the height of their laziness... There were few cats inside their court and jumping on their backs.. No Reaction... They used to go near a particular crocodile, check about its activeness by touching the tail and then start all those activities when confirmed that it's not going to hurt them... Many of the folks were standing their for more than 30 minutes to wait for one of the crocodile to take some action, but nothing positive was happening their... and those cats were having fun there :)Sankes - Most popular species inside Banerghatta Zoo.... There was a separate section of various types of snakes and it was naked as snake park inside Banerghatta Zoo... I had never seen these many snakes at one place and there were lot many varieties new for me... It was hard to locate them because many of them were hidden between the branches of the tree or under some rocks etc.. Some of the snakes were 7-10 feet longs and have been playing on bamboo sticks hanging on the trees inside their courts... It seems people don't miss this part of the Zoo during their visit...There was a huge area provided for birds and it was somewhat similar to the Delhi Zoo... Although we were not able to see many birds out there... Also we were very tired after wildlife safari in Banerghatta National Park and didn't want to spend much time to find out more birds there...Many families come to Banerghatta Zoo to enjoy the weekend... I was surprised to see this family with all the stuff like carpet, bat and other stuff... It seems they have come for some picnic but Zoo is not a right place I guess... Ideally eatables and such things should not be allowed inside... I don't have any strong reason for that , but I have seen people making these places dirty... People should think twice before spreading their waste stuff at other's living area... Can they do the same thing inside their house?Oh Yes, I didn't want to miss this particular thing about Banerghatta Zoo... There is a trend of adopting some of the animals of the zoo and many folks have done this... Like this particular Horn bill is adopted by Shri T R Rithvik... This effectively means that Mr. Rrithvik is feeding this Horn bill for some particular duration and probably other costs as well... A nice concept and good idea to support all these rare species  on earth...There was a man outside the zooo who was selling some liquid which creates colorful bubbles... I wanted to capture those bubbles but all I was able to capture was bokeh of all those.... Never mind, I like it :)Rohin Duggal, My friend who made my Banglore trip memorable... Thanks to Rohin !!! btw his girlfriend was out of station and I can tease him by saying that :) On the very first day in Baglore we visited lot many places... Banerghatta national Park, zoo, Butterfly house, MG Road, Bragade Road and UB City ...These folks were wondering why I am clicking a photograph of Rohin... and Rohin asked to click one of their photograph to make them happy... Monkeys inside banerghatta Zoo...Afte completing one round inside Banerghatta Zoo, we had some coconut water in the market outside the zoo... It was amazing, but honestly I didn't like the 'malai' inside it...There are few museums inside the Zoo campus.. Here is one with photographs of various types of birds with some details.... There were lot of school children inside this museum to know about various species of birds and next agenda was to locate them outside....There is a small museum in the zoo which showcases zoological exhibits... Banerghatta Zoo has a reptile park and a small theater as well... Banerghatta Zoo is closed on Tuesdays which is a weekly holiday...

Last year, I visited Banerghatta National Park and there is a zoo near to it... This zoo seemed a good place for people in Banglore to have Picnic. Here is a senior couple sitting inside Banerghatta Zoo.. Just notice the stuff lying around them. It seems uncle is fan of Cricket and like playing it :)

Church on Ridge Ground, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Shimla Night View : Church on Shimla Ridge (Night View)Christ Church on Ridge is a very good piece of Architecture in Shimla !!! Almost every tourist in Shimla get a photograph of this place and its a wonderful church on one of the corners of Ridge in Shimla !!! This church is clearly visible from Mall Road and the view from Mall Road during the evenings is amazing !!!
Christ Church on Ridge is a very good piece of Architecture in Shimla !!! Almost every tourist in Shimla get a photograph of this place and its a wonderful church on one of the corners of Ridge in Shimla !!! 

This church is clearly visible from Mall Road and the view from Mall Road during the evenings is amazing !!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful Cricket Stadium surrounded by snow capped hills of Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges of Himalayas @ Dharmshala, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

I am not a cricket fan but recently visited Dharmshala to cover final match of T20 Mahasangram organized by HPCA and Jaypee Cement was sponsor of this great event. This tournament made a world record and that was a big thing. But for me, Stadium in Dharmshala was more special. What a stadium is was ! Unimaginably beautiful and snow covered hills in it's surrounding make it far better !! Let me share that beauty of this place can be captured in a Photograph. One has to visit the place to really appreciate the beauty !!!

I am not a cricket fan but recently visited Dharmshala to cover final match of T20 Mahasangram organized by HPCA and Jaypee Cement was sponsor of this great event. This tournament made a world record and that was a big thing. But for me, Stadium in Dharmshala was more special. What a stadium is was ! Unimaginably beautiful and snow covered hills in it's surrounding make it far better !! Let me share that beauty of this place can be captured in a Photograph. One has to visit the place to really appreciate the beauty !!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bird sitting on one of the pole outside President's House in Delhi, INDIA

A quick visit to Indian President's House in Delhi : PHOTO JOURNEY from last weekend : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : It was little foggy in Delhi when we planned to go to President's house in second half of the sunday(6th Feb, 2011) ... Me and one of the office friend took metro from Noida and changed it at Rajiv Chowk for Central Secretariat... This is the nearest metro station near President's House and India Gate.... Here are few photographs from President's House in Delhi !! Check out ...  Here is a photograph of water fountains in south block of President's House.. This is a huge campus with North and south blocks on main entrance... There is  a beautiful area called Mughal Gardens situated at the back of the Rashtrapati Bhavan which incorporates both Mughal and English landscaping styles... It displays numerous types of flowers and is open to public in February every year !!!Its a marvelous piece of Lutyens Architecture... Whole building is unique with various artworks on the walls and pillars...Since its very important area of Indian capital, high security is must and one can clearly see it around President;s house in Delhi !!! A Crow sitting on one of the poles installed around President's house @ Delhi, INDIAIts a very clean area in Delhi and folks avoid to spread their waste around this place, birds can do anything they want :) .. The dome in the middle of South and North block involved a mixture of Indian and British styles... The dome is exactly in the middle of the diagonals between the four corners of the building...Looks like some British design created by Indian artists... Is a part of a pillar in South Block of Rashtrapati Bhavan @ Delhi, INDIADelhi Traffic Police ensuring that no one stop the car around this place and keep moving.. So one of the taxi taking U turn inside President's House campus to make sure that his clients spend enough time there to feel the place... This U-turn is not allowed here !South Block of Indian President's House with lush green lawns in front of it !!!A very old canon in front of President's House in Delhi, INDIA...Elephants on the outer wall of Indian President's House (Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi, INDIA)A royal colored car in front of South block of President's House in Dehi, INDIA !!!Security people looking around to make sure that folks roaming around are not crossing the limits ...Another sample of an interesting pillar installed around North block of Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi !!!A closer look to the dome on North block of President's House in Delhi !!!

A crow making pillar of President's House dirty, in spite of high security and lot of staff for keeping the place clean !!! 

President's house look amazing in Delhi and it's very clean. These things are not noticeable there :)

Beautiful Dome with blue-sky in the background @ President's House in Delhi, INDIA

President's House in Capital City of INDIA, Delhi, is a beautiful piece of Architecture and lies in the middle of city which is high security zone !! This is a huge complex and this photograph shows one of the dome on top of South Block of President's House which is also popular with the name of "Rashtrapati Bhavan" !!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Real Engineers of India who keep our monuments maintained : A person working at Humyun's Tomb, Delhi, INDIA

Every year Delhi Government spend a lot of Money of maintaining our heritage like Humayun's Tomb, Safdarjung Tomb etc and they need special care after such a long time after their construction. 

When I saw these people working there, I got to know about the fact that still skilled people are here in India and they are maintaining our Heritage !!! Sorry for not posting the photographs which had people actually craving those walls of Humayun's Tomb...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Female Hawker selling Chan-jor garam and Chips @ INDIA GATE, Delhi

Its very common to hawkers at some main places in India, selling some chutar-putar snacks, tea-coffee, golgappas, chips etc. Sometimes its irritating when some of the folks just keep following you to sell some stuff but that is not very common. But overall I like the idea as it gives many people a way to earn money through some hard work. I can imagine how difficult it could be to earn money in big cities of countries like India. Some people opt for short-cuts and illegal ways of earning good amount of money, which anyway impact others in negative sense. And these people try to earn their bread-n-butter through hard-work and I love it !!!

Female Hawker selling Chana-jor garam and Chips @ INDIA GATE, Delhi

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Panning Experiments @ MTB Himachal 2010 (Mountain Terrain Biking) - 4

Some Panning Experiments during MTB Himachal 2010 : (Mountain Terrain Biking Event organized by HASTPA) : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : I was never a fan of Panning technique of photography but the pace of MTB Riders and the passion of accelerating speed compelled me to try it... And believe me it was not a simple task to do panning with unpredictable speed of these riders... They were extremely fast and suddenly they used to disappear due to frequent turns on hills.. During last two days MTB Himachal 2010, I tried few shots of panning and here are the results.. Check out !!!This was very first shot of panning I tried on third last day and this motivated to click more :)  ... Since it was evening time, light and relatively slow shutter speed helped me to click this photograph in such a way that motion is clear in the final results.... Now I was more confident to try it again during next day !!!Here is another photograph, but it doesn't look like panning shot but I liked the way final result came... It was evening time when we were very near to the camping site of the day... Here is another photograph and I loved the star effect in the background... Colorful dresses of MTB Riders and natural beauty of himalayas helped making this photograph more colorful...Here is a photograph clicked with Fish eye and the rider was very near to me... Thats why there is some distortion in back tyre  of this cycle...gain this can be called as panning shot... Best way of shooting a good panning shot is to anticipate the speed of the object and then set same shutter-speed.... Here is one rider from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh...Another rider of MTB Himachal 2010...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Few Experiments with old Architecture of Jantar Mantar @ Delhi, INDIA - 4

Some Experiments with old architecture of Jantar Mantar in Delhi, INDIA : Posted by VJ SHARMA on : Last month me and one of my friend were waiting for other folks to reach Connaught Place in Delhi and they called us to inform that all of them are arriving after 1:30 Hrs... This was good opportunity for us to explore some place nearby and decided to visit Jantar Mantar... After reaching the place I was not able to decide what should I shoot... Everywhere people were roaming and it was really difficult to find a place without people... and it was not like two or three folks.. It was huge crowd in front of each yantra @ Jantar Mantar.. So finally I decided to have some photographs which can avoid this crowd and it gave a good opportunity to place with various angles/compositions... check out and critics are welcome !!The first photograph where I wanted to have darkest possible shadows to make it look like black tiles in contact with reds and white ones.. Although it doesn't look like that... I would have to wait to click this photograph at right time but we had to move out in few hrs... Never mind, I will try it again...This time I was carrying SONY Alpha-700 and was confused with some of the controls.. Anyway that's not important... These yantras were very narrow is shape and it was difficult to fit myself for clicking these architecture forms nicely... Here is a tilted view of a semi-spherical yantra @ Jantar Mantar...All these photographs from the same yantra and it was was quite interesting... But please don't ask me about how it functions and what it is supposed to do...Stairs hidden behind these structures and everyone needs to follow them to go down and see the real work inside these yantras.. In Jantar Mantar at jaipur, everyone was not allowed to go inside these structures but in Delhi I didn't see such restrictions except one which had highest structure followed by lot of stairs....Jantar Mantar in Delhi is a very popular place among activists, social associations and artists as well... Many of the NGOs choose this place to start a rally or protest... Also many artists have explored this very well and many times Photographers have exhibited this place...A Series of small pillars taking all the weight of small paths connecting outer circle of a structure with a pole in the middle... as you can see the turning path in a circle...One of my friend called it 'Stairs of Success'.. I don't if that is the name of these stairs but like the caption :)Final Photograph showing the close-up view of this architecture which shows the age of this structure and its been repaired multiple times in past which resulted in this roughness... I am again planning to visit Jantar Mantar in Delhi and will ensure that I get full day to spend there...

Monday, May 2, 2011

MTB Rider crossing iron bridge to reach 4th day destination @ Kullu Sarahan !!!!

MTB Rider crossing iron bridge to reach 4th day destination @ Kullu Sarahan !!! Everyone was very excited about the 4th day stay in Kullu Sarahan as everyone had heard a lot about the place and it seemed most beautiful place to stay during MTB Himachal 2010 !!!

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